Kosher Dog


Meet August’s Top Dawg!
Meet these TWO kosher Papillon doggies, Tovi Shlomo, Esq. and Justine Shaina (Tovi is the biggest one of the two) for Top Dawg of the month. Tovi is a retired AKC Champion and Justine is his little niece  Why is Tovi an “Esq” (Esquire) you may ask? Because he, like his loving mother, both hold J.D.s.  His mother, also retired, was an attorney and J.D. stands for “Juris Doctorate).  Tovi’s J.D. stands for JEWISH DOG, of course! In his retirement from the ring, five year old Tovi enjoys carrots as a snack, resting under the couch and play dates with his fellow Papillon doggie friends, especially his best buddy Nico and gal pals Cheri and Collette. Justine, still a youngster at the tender age of three, enjoys all kinds of balls, playing with her boyfriend Jasper, carrots and driving her Uncle Tovi crazy. Both dogs love to watch Mommy light Shabbos and holiday candles because, at the end of the prayer, the doggies get Shabbos/holiday treats which is our custom!! We live in Mission Viejo where Mommy bought her retirement home.

—Roberta Scharlin Zinman


Be our next winner!
Our pets are definitely part of our families, and here at Kiddish magazine we want to know what your four-legged friends are up to. Please send a picture of your pooch to and tell us what they love to do in our wonderful San Gabriel & Pomona Valley community (a picture at the location is even better). Pictures of kitties are welcome too! We’ll pick a winner each month and put their picture in the magazine.


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