Portrait of smiling little girl working with plasticine in art and craft class of development school
Portrait of smiling little girl working with plasticine in art and craft class of development school

Choosing the best school for the family is one of the most important decisions that parents must make. Parents often consider many factors. These might include quality of academics, arts offerings, teaching philosophy, location, student/teacher ratio, and many more.
Some parents choose a Jewish school for their children. Often this is because of the values that are taught in a Jewish school. As one Jewish educator wrote: “[One] advantage of a Jewish day school education is that Jewish day school students learn numerous values and expectations of proper behavior that are not a part of the curriculum at public and private schools. Returning lost objects, respect for parents and elders, visiting the sick, not gossiping, charity, wonder, spirituality, repairing the world, hospitality, humility and appreciation are values taught in a Jewish day school.” (Joel Hoffman, M.A.Ed.:
Research from the Cohen Center at Brandeis University suggests that a values-based Jewish education reaps many rewards. One educator notes: “The Cohen Center study revealed that former [Jewish] day-school students express a stronger commitment to addressing the needs of the larger society and a greater desire to make a difference in the world by helping those in need, volunteering their time and finding careers that advance society in positive ways. While these day-school alumni are as active as their Jewish peers in the social life of their campuses, the research indicates they are less likely to engage in binge drinking and other risky behaviors on college campuses.” (Rabbi Mitchel Malkus:
Weizmann Day School is the only Jewish day school between the San Fernando Valley and Palm Springs. We are a non-profit, independent, co-educational school for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Established in 1983 and named after Chaim Weizmann, noted scientist and Israel’s first President, the school offers an outstanding academic education enriched by Jewish principles and practice. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Weizmann is an independent community school. It is not attached to any particular synagogue nor affiliated with any particular denomination of Judaism. Synagogue membership is not required to attend Weizmann.
Weizmann offers instruction in all the traditional academic subjects plus art, music, P.E., drama, Jewish Studies, and Hebrew language instruction. In addition, each year it chooses a “middah” (value) that it reinforces throughout the year in regular instruction as well as special programming, and it provides regular field trips as part of our emphasis on experiential learning.
Weizmann is very serious about instilling Jewish values in its students. It hopes that you will consider the benefits of a Jewish education and find out what Weizmann can offer to your family.
Weizmann’s Mission: to provide an enriching education, rooted in Jewish traditions and values, which fosters critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, character and compassion.
To schedule a tour of our school, inquire about the school, or make a donation, please call the office at (626) 797-0204 or visit


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