A.I. & Judaism

An A.I. bot to generate cheesecake recipes is meant to prove that artificial intelligence can have a place in Orthodox communities. (Illustration by Mollie Suss)

An app that can generate 64,000 kosher cheesecake recipes aims to prove A.I.’s value for Orthodox Jews

    Sara Goldstein’s regular cheesecake recipe is like the rest of the kosher food she makes and shares on her Instagram account—“straightforward, and I wouldn’t say too adventurous.”
    But she tried something special this year ahead of Shavuot, a Jewish holiday that begins Thursday night, when dairy foods are traditionally on the menu. In honor of the holiday, she whipped up a bourbon caramel cheesecake, with candied pecans on top.
    Goldstein’s baking shakeup was spurred by an online tool that, using artificial intelligence, allows users to mix and ma


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