5781, 5781,
there’s something new under the sun.
The year will be new, the energy clear,
things will improve, have faith, never fear.
Put last year behind us, goodbye 5780, thank you for nothing, for absolute zero.
Coronavirus, quarantining at home, homeschooling our kids, and on it did drone.
But over the horizon, a new year I do see, filled with hope, a new energy, and positivity.
Our children will play together outdoors very soon, schooling will take place, where it should, in a classroom.
We will commune, interact, and break bread together, once there’s a vaccine, herd immunity, or whatever. … Our scientists and medical professionals are all hard at work, ensuring our safety and survival—ignoring what’s berserk.
Our news will be good, it will highlight success,
businesses will thrive, health care professionals will rest.
We believe in the future, in good times to come,
This will be a great year, 5781!  

Sue Penn is a contributing writer to Kiddish magazine. 


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